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Game «The Returning of the Quantum Cat» INSTEAD — INterpreter for Simple TExt ADventures. Using INSTEAD you can create and play adventure games that could be classified as a mix of visual novels and text adventure games.

Author Peter Kosyh
License GNU GPL — source code, Creative Commons 3.0 BY — components
Free software
Program components C, Lua — engine, SDL — graphical interface
Language Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian
Supported operating systems Linux, Maemo, FreeBSD, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, Haiku, S60 3rd, GPH Caanoo
Last stable version 1.8.1 (19.11.2012)
Downloads INSTEAD Official games NON-official games in Rus


  • Simple Lua-Based Game Development
  • Combination GUI/Text Player Interface
  • Rich Multi-Media with Interactive Visuals and Sound
  • Custom Theme Support
  • SDL and Lua Portability
  • Support for URQ Games
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