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 +====== Installing INSTEAD on Maemo ======
 +<WRAP left round important 18%>
 +This section is for advanced users\\
 +Think twice before you do!
 +Works on N900.\\
 +Get the latest version of INSTEAD deb-package for MAEMO platform from [[http://​code.google.com/​p/​instead/​downloads/​detail?​name=instead_1.6.1_armel.deb&​can=2&​q=|http://​code.google.com]]\\
 +Save it somewhere on your device e.g. /​home/​user/​MyDocs/​instead_1.6.1_armel.deb. Then open X-terminal and become root, for activation **root shell** you need to install [[http://​wiki.maemo.org/​Root_access|rootsh]] first.\\
 +Some example of code:<​file>​
 +sudo gainroot
 +cd /​home/​user/​MyDocs/​
 +dpkg -i instead_1.6.1_armel.deb</​file>​
 +For sucsessfull installation of INSTEAD you need to solve some dependencies:​\\
 +sdl, sdl-mixer, sdl-image, sdl-ttf, lua5.1\\
 +To download those packages (*.deb) from the official repository: [[http://​repository.maemo.org/​]],​ branches Extras and Extras-devel.\\ You may also add repos to source list. Then install with APT utilities. Some code:\\
 +sudo gainroot
 +echo "deb http://​repository.maemo.org/​extras-devel/​ fremantle free non-free"​ >> /​etc/​apt/​sources.list.d/​hildon-application-manager.list
 +echo "deb http://​repository.maemo.org/​extras/​ fremantle free non-free"​ >> /​etc/​apt/​sources.list.d/​hildon-application-manager.list
 +apt-get install liblua5.1-0 libsdl-mixer1.2 libsdl1.2 libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-ttf2.0-0
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