Guidelines for editing wiki

Main Indication

  • Important! If you want to add internal link to an article or articles from which are higher than /en/games, /en/developers, /en/gamedev, /en/themes and other similar, it's necessary to add a prefix to the link in the form of full path to the article.
    For example:
    [[en:games:returning-the-quantum-cat|Returning of the Quantum cat]]

    For automatic substitution this path you can use link wizard in the toolbar (icon in the form of chain link).
    In other cases, you can add a link to an article by manual, simply specifying the name with the prefix en: or without it,

    [[en:guidelines|Guidelines for editing wiki]] or [[guidelines|Guidelines for editing wiki]]
  • Use headings of different levels, observe the nesting (buttons from the toolbar of wiki-editor will help you in this).
  • Break up the text into paragraphs and sections.
  • Highlight important parts of the text in bold.
  • Do not write simple paragraphs with a new line: use the lists!
  • Create the tables if necessary.
  • Use syntax highlighting for blocks of code: <code lua> ...some lua code... </code>
  • If you are trying to post the code of a whole file, use the tags: <file lua filename.lua> ...some code... </file>.
  • If the page does not require table of contents, turn it off by inserting into the document ~~NOTOC~~ tag.

Creating and Editing

  • Try to write readable wiki markup: do not dump all the tags and other special characters in the bunch.
  • Do not write too long lines. A line break does not hurt markup.
  • Try to write a summary of changes!
    It's much easier to see the three words that describe what was done to compare the current version to the previous page.


  • Append your replica always at the end of the page.
  • For the first add signature (the last button in the toolbar) and then your reply with a new line.
  • Respect yourself and others, write competently.


  • A picture paints a thousand words. :-) Go ahead add images to articles.
  • If the image is too large, then put a smaller copy of it in article.
  • Use alignment of images: that achieved through the some spaces:
    {{:en:cat-game2.png?200 |By Left side}}
    {{ :en:cat-game2.png?200|By Right side}}
    {{ :en:cat-game2.png?200 |In the Center}}

Terms of adding information to particular sectors

Games section

  1. Create link on page «Games».
  2. Click on the link created by.
  3. Click on the tab “Create Page”.
  4. It will be automatically generated template, which you must to fill in the information.
  5. Don't forget to add screenshot after title header!
    If the size of screenshot is too big, reduce it by wiki scaling tools. Screenshot must be right-aligned.
  6. The name of the screenshot - the name of the game.
    If you have a few screenshots, add at the end of the filename serial number with a hyphen, e.g. mywonderfulgame-2.jpg
  7. Add the links on archieve with a game and on forum thread (if there is any).
  8. You may add information that you see fit, but, please, don't break the general markup style.
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