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 +====== Guidelines for editing wiki ======
 +===== Main Indication =====
 +  * **Important!** If you want to add internal link to an article or articles from which are higher than ''/​en/​games'',​ ''/​en/​developers'',​ ''/​en/​gamedev'',​ ''/​en/​themes''​ and other similar, it's necessary to add a prefix to the link in the form of full path to the article.\\ For example:<​code>​[[en:​games:​returning-the-quantum-cat|Returning of the Quantum cat]]</​code>​For automatic substitution this path you can use link wizard in the toolbar (icon in the form of chain link).\\ In other cases, you can add a link to an article by manual, simply specifying the name with the prefix ''​en:''​ or without it,\\ example: <​code>​[[en:​guidelines|Guidelines for editing wiki]] or [[guidelines|Guidelines for editing wiki]]</​code>​
 +  * Use headings of different levels, observe the nesting (buttons from the toolbar of wiki-editor will help you in this).
 +  * Break up the text into paragraphs and sections. ​
 +  * Highlight important parts of the text in **bold**.
 +  * Do not write simple paragraphs with a new line: use the lists! ​
 +  * Create the tables if necessary.  ​
 +  * Use syntax highlighting for blocks of code: <​html><​code lua> ...some lua code... </​code></​html> ​
 +  * If you are trying to post the code of a whole file, use the tags: <​html><​file lua filename.lua>​ ...some code... </​file></​html>​.
 +  * If the page does not require table of contents, turn it off by inserting into the document ''​%%~~NOTOC~~%%''​ tag.
 +===== Creating and Editing =====
 +  * Try to write readable wiki markup: do not dump all the tags and other special characters in the bunch.
 +  * Do not write too long lines. A line break does not hurt markup.
 +  * Try to write a summary of changes!\\ It's much easier to see the three words that describe what was done to compare the current version to the previous page.
 +===== Discussion =====
 +  * Append your replica always at the end of the page.
 +  * For the first add signature (the last button in the toolbar) and then your reply with a new line.
 +  * Respect yourself and others, write competently.
 +===== Media =====
 +  * A picture paints a thousand words. :-) Go ahead add images to articles.
 +  * If the image is too large, then put a smaller copy of it in article.
 +  * Use alignment of images: that achieved through the some spaces:<​code>​{{:​en:​cat-game2.png?​200 |By Left side}}
 +{{ :​en:​cat-game2.png?​200|By Right side}}
 +{{ :​en:​cat-game2.png?​200 |In the Center}}</​code> ​
 +  ​
 +====== Terms of adding information to particular sectors ======
 +===== Games section =====
 +  - Create link on page [[en:​games|«Games»]].
 +  - Click on the link created by.
 +  - Click on the tab "​Create Page".
 +  - It will be automatically generated template, which you must to fill in the information.
 +  - Don't forget to add screenshot after title header!\\ If the size of screenshot is too big, reduce it by wiki scaling tools. Screenshot must be right-aligned.
 +  - The name of the screenshot - the name of the game.\\ If you have a few screenshots,​ add at the end of the filename serial number with a hyphen, e.g. ''​mywonderfulgame-2.jpg''​
 +  - Add the links on archieve with a game and on forum thread (if there is any).
 +  - You may add information that you see fit, but, please, don't break the general markup style. ​      
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