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 +====== Kayleth (remake of ZX Spectrum game) ======
 +{{ :​en:​games:​en-kayleth-instead-1.6.2.png?​300|Screenshot "​Kayleth"​}}
 +  * **Remake author:** [[en:​developers:​balashov|Vadim Balashov]]
 +  * **Original author:** Stefan Ufnowski
 +  * **Platform:​** INSTEAD
 +  * **Release date:** July, 2010
 +  * **Language:​** russian, english
 +  * **Source:** official catalog
 +===== How It Begins =====
 + The Zyroneans were an advanced, pacifistic civilisation,​ until the arrival of KAYLETH and the ensuing destruction!
 + ​Kayleth’s craving for chromazin (a rare mineral), found in small quantities on Zyron) led him to this part of the galaxy. He dominated the Zyronean skies with awesome power, using Atomic bisemblers, he sent down his androids to enslave the population and force them to claw-out the subterranean rocks to extract the precious ore.
 + You, a loyal Zyronean, had avoided capture and were planning a way to rid the planet of Kayleth, however as you are about to discover, events have overtaken your plans!
 + What is Kayleth? Why are particular Zyroneans transported to the orbiting nerve centre of his domain, never to return? Is it possible to stop this tyrant?
 + Your beginning 340 a.K.
 +  ​
 +===== Notable Features =====
 +This is a remake of the game //Kayleth// for ZX Spectrum computer.
 +==== Links ====
 +  * [[http://​instead.syscall.ru/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​id=344|Topic on the forum]]
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