Escape The Toilet

How it begins

You don't rememeber how have you got here. You haven't awaken really. The only you can realize now is you are in your own toilet…

Notable features

The game is whole illustrated with 3d graphics by Peter Kosyh (using Blender and some free models). The game's genre is a mix of quest and puzzle.

Escape has good sound set with tracker music in its background

Here is the game's announce:

This game is an uncompromissing response to the clip-thinking. The game which is not beware of positioning itself above the player. The litmus paper game which answers the question – where are you? The experiment. The concept. The paradox.

In Escape the Toilet everything is paradoxal. 3d graphics with variable lighting versus puzzles cracking your mentality. Beautiful tracker music and sounds vs madness and directness of situation. Genres mix: text or graphical quest? Quest or puzzle?

This game can irritate, disappoint or ecstasize – but it won't leave anyone indifferent. It puts you alone with yourself and not waits for response. Who will be stronger?

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