The Manual

The following document comes bundled with the program for local reference. It was authored by Peter Kosyh with participation of Aleksandr Yakovlev, Vopros, and Ryan Joseph.


You can use a module this way: require "<module>"

It should look something like:

--$Name: My awesome game!$
instead_version "1.8.2"
require "para" -- turn on para module
require "dbg" -- turn on dbg module

These modules are included automatically if you set instead_version >= 1.2.0: vars, object, goto.

The modules are:

Code extensions

  • click — catching clicks on room picture
  • format — format the output as you like
  • hideinv — hide inventory in certain rooms or everywhere
  • kbd — keyboard keys input
  • prefs — game preferences, save sharing between games, save backups…
  • timer — time counters
  • xact — object hyperlinks in room descriptions
  • sprites — sprites and images
  • sound — sound management
  • nouse — default reactions for missing actions when using an object
  • counters — counters
  • wroom — “smart” room jumps
  • nolife — suppress life methods
  • proxymenu — ZX-80 adventures-like menu
  • input — keyboard input

Gameplay / decoration

  • dash — autosubstitute -- for a single dash (–)
  • hotkeys — use hotkeys to choose phrases in every dialogue
  • para — indent first line of every paragraph
  • quotes — autosubstitute regular quotes for these: «»
  • theme — theming on-the-fly

Gameplay / code extension

  • snapshots — snapshot support module.
  • dbg — debugger module.

Not included in INSTEAD standard library


Examples to look at

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