1. 9 months ago


    Apr 2017 Administrator Земля(Москва) User since 2014

    Hello! Finally, we have released INSTEAD 3.0. There are a lot of features. The main feature is NEW lua stack, named STEAD3. Unfortunately, the documentation is currently in Russian only. We are looking for volunteers to make English translation.

    Other features:

    • core now is separated lib (rewritten C part);
    • new pixels module;
    • sound system imporovements;
    • bug fixes.

    Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.

  2. 8 months ago


    Apr 2017 User since 2014

    Peter, congratulations to the release! A major step forward for INSTEAD. Thanks so much for keeping the ball rolling all these years. I do belief a golden age for this community is dawning... :)

    Got the binary yesterday from the repository. And it's working really nice so far. Looking forward to dive more into the new functionalities.

    But first I'm trying to translate the Russian documentation, and share it. Unfortunately, that takes a little longer than I thought. So if other enthusiastic IF members would like to step up and help with contributions, like the user fictional_account did last time with his amazing and competent translation, I would be more than grateful too.

  3. Ромеро

    Apr 2017 User since 2017

    Ого, международный уровень. Надо уже задумываться об ихграх на китайском.

  4. peter

    Apr 2017 Administrator Земля(Москва) User since 2014

    Thank you, i will help with translation after first draft will be finished.

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