20 Feb 2016

I am pleased to announce that the new version of INSTEAD 2.4.0 is out This version has a lot of new features and bug fixes. INSTEAD-NG and IOS ports are much better now. This release is highly recommended for developers and gamers! Stay tuned. :)

Changes are:

  • txty (iface.y) – y position in text;
  • menu_toggle (“themes”, “settings” added), w/o return to top menu;
  • win.ways.mode = top|bottom in themes;
  • game themes support (themes/ directory in game);
  • set theme vars is not working when not using own themes;
  • fix stead.api_atleast/atleast when using with vv.mm format;
  • be more strict while loading combined images;
  • in -debug mode any “resource not found” messages are errors;
  • be more simple with walk from enter/exit (>= 2.4.0);
  • About menu shows game information;
  • -standalone mode;
  • scr.gfx.icon added (SDL2 only, experimental);
  • -noconfig parameter;
  • profiles support added (-profile parameter);
  • -hires parameter and HQ option (enabled by default);
  • -modes parameter;
  • Android-NG and IOS ports improvements;
  • font size scale is displayed in percents;
  • -fontscale argument

Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.

Til next time,
Peter Kosyh at 09:32