Topic: Static compiling

Is it possible to compile lua statically into INSTEAD? How can I achieve this?

I want to create package of INSTEAD for Slax (Linux live distribution) and I want to minimize dependencies.

Re: Static compiling

Yes, of course you can do this. Just use own copy of lua and patch Makefiles.

Re: Static compiling

Any hint how to do it? I am not good at patching makefiles...

Re: Static compiling

Hints wink

1) make src/lua - unpack there lua-5.1
2) add to Makefile rule to build lua
3) add to LUA_LDFLAGS path to .a file
4) add to LUA_CFLAGS path to lua headers


You are slackware user, so, i think you can find right way. smile Currently i have not time to make patch myself.