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Topic: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

The attached zip archive includes several files:
1) cat_setup.iss, oldstory_setup.iss -- installer source code examples
2) installer_code.inc -- shared source code used by installers
3) installer_msgs_en.inc, installer_msgs_ru.inc -- installer locallization files. Which of them to use is determined by the second last line of installer code, e.g.

#include "installer_msgs_en.inc"

First of all you need to download and install IsPack (InnoSetup build that includes script editor, compiler and preprocessor).

To create installers in languages other than English or Russian you can create additional localization file, translate messages to your language and specify InnoSetup message file for this language in [Languages] section, e.g.

Name: es; MessagesFile: compiler:Languages\Spanish.isl

The complete list of language files supported by InnoSetup can be found in
"<IsPack Installation Directory>\Languages\"

To build an installer you can follow these steps:
1) Create the installer source file (*.iss) for your game using oldstory_setup.iss as an example
2) Put this file, installer_code.inc file and appropriate localization file to the directory your game directory located in (e.g. "<INSTEAD>\games"), or put your game directory next to all those files.
3) Open your .iss file with IsTool or Inno Setup Compiler and click "Compile".

Questions and suggestions are welcome.

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Re: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

thanx for that.
I tested in my win xp with spanish language and it seems install games without problem.
I need administrator rights, but the wizzard puts shortcuts in all users.

A great tool for casual gamers.

I attach the spanish language files for the template.

Re: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

Administrator rights requirement can be turned off if we put




into the [Setup] section of installer_code.inc, but then installation path limitations may arise. I doubt installation to Program Files is possible without administrator rights on XP or Vista.

Re: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

Hi all,
     I need to show up a dialog in which user can select the language in which the installer has to show the text. How can I do it using Inno.

      Any help on this matter will be appreciated.

Re: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

Hi, vishvesh!

I think you can put the following strings to the special '[Languages]' section in your script:

Name: en; MessagesFile: compiler:Default.isl
Name: ru; MessagesFile: compiler:Russian.isl
Name: es; MessagesFile: compiler:Spanish.isl

Each string sets the corresponding language support.
Afterwards, if you compile setup script with this section,
language selection dialog will ask you to point the language during installation.

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Re: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

If you are using templates I uploaded you also need to change




in the file "installer_code.inc"
The latter forces showing language dialog while "auto" shows it only when OS language is not present in the setup file.

Re: Example InnoSetup script for Windows game installers

Can someone tell me what this does?? Is this to change language in Instead Engine or another intrepreter for games?