Topic: INSTEAD 1.6.0

INSTEAD 1.6.0 is out!

  * CJK support;
  * set_music_fading(out, in);
  * 1 bit transparent icon added for SDL;
  * stead.space_delim added
  * get_themespath, get_gamespath
  * goto -> walk, goXX -> walkXX
  * lua5.2 ready

Warning! Due to collision with goto function and new goto operator, we have a broken compatibility while linking with Lua 5.2.. To write games that can run in Lua5.2 use those functions:

* walk instead of goto;
* walkin instead of goin;
* walkout instead of goout;
* walkback instead of goback;

Re: INSTEAD 1.6.0

cool! 1.6.0 comes up!!