Topic: Kingdom of Grain

This game is one of the first (or even first of all) economic computer game. First version of game is called «The Sumer Game». Dug Daiment wrote it at 1968 in FOCAL at DEC PDP-8.
Later David Ahl extend game capabilities, implemented it in BASIC. He called game «Hammurabi». The game source code he publish in «BASIC Computer Games».
Later on game has several more incarnations. One of them is «Kingdom of Grain» for ZX Spectrum (1992).
At 2005-2008 Parfenov Alex (Парфёнов Алексей) (, wrote game «Kingdom 3», which based on «Hammurabi» code. He wrote it in Pascal, and even more extend game possibilities.
He release game source code under GPL license.
Let me introduce new version of game. This game code is based on Parfenov Alex code. Images is taken from ZX Spectrum version, an artist — Belousov Alexander (Белоусов Александр).
Music — ballada by xtd / union (cia).

You can download current version of game from Russian thread -- … 8500#p8500

Re: Kingdom of Grain

v.0.9.1 beta (19.12.2011)
- Migrated to INSTEAD 1.5.3 ("walk" instead of "goto").
- Added information about grain needed for food in buy/sell land windows.
- Added information about land you can buy with the grain remain for food.
- Added statistics in the end of the game.

Download game from … 8606#p8606