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Prevyets guys!

I'm Sarganar, from spanish IF comunity ( (i.e. I speak spanish)
Today I discovered INSTEAD. Beautiful tool!

Unfortunately I dont know any word in russian; but the tutorial in english give me useful help.

I sent to Peter the es.ini and the game-tutorial in spanish.

Ok, any doubt I'll post it here (although my english is horrible).



Re: Hi from south america

Hello, Sarganar!

It's nice to meet you here! You are always welcome! smile Please, post you messages is everywhere you'd like. I think, we're able to understand each other, so horrible English can't be a barier. wink


Re: Hi from south america

Hi Sarganar!
Welcome to INSTEAD community and thanks for Spanish translation wink
Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or suggestions.

Re: Hi from south america

Hi, sarganar! You are more than welcome!   smile
Have you any plans for realize of your ideas with INSTEAD?  wink

Re: Hi from south america

thanx for the welcome. In spanish comunity we use Inform (and variants) for almost all our games. Also are (less) popular Quest, Superglus (PAWS-like), adrift and the new ones AGE (java-based). (There is no stable spanish support for TADS).

But there is no a proposal -my opinion- like INSTEAD, a good alternative with good first-impression.