18 Oct 2015
INSTEAD-NG for Android

I am glad to say, that the new Android port of INSTEAD is out! Hello and welcome, INSTEAD-NG! This fork is based on the old code from Silentlexx, but have some new features and bugfixes! Need to say, that silentlexx did not update his port for a long period of time, So, the new port releasing is excelent news for all of us!

Source code is available here: https://github.com/Antokolos/instead-android-ng You can download INSTEAD-NG as an .apk file or from Android market. Just check the download.

Main features are:

  • fingers module is working now;
  • better mode and orientation selection;
  • autorotate (when window size setting to theme);
  • instead 2.3.0 compatible;
  • open source;
  • no ads!;
  • bugfixes;

Thank you Antokolos!

Til next time,
Peter Kosyh at 21:50