18 Oct 2015

INSTEAD 2.3.0 is out. A lot of bugs were fixed and gfx mode selection algorithm was rewritten. So update is highly recommended! By the way, Antokolos will release new Android port soon – INSTEAD-NG, this port will be the official android port of INSTEAD. Stay tuned!

Changes are:

  • audio is 44100 by default now;
  • Windows segfault (long paths);
  • lua: visits/visited -> stead.visits, stead.visited;
  • fix in -nosound (zero volume bug);
  • fix of critical bug in fingers module;
  • a lot of fixes for upcoming Android version;
  • SDL2: better screenmodes handling;
  • SDL2: fix of blended bg;
  • -resizable option (resizable window, SDL2 only);
  • some memory leaks were fixed;

Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.

Til next time,
Peter Kosyh at 16:24